Commercial Strata Insurance

Commercial strata insurance is a mandatory cover across Australia for owners of a strata titled property.

Any owner of a property that is part of a complex of units with shared ownership of certain areas will have to take out a communal strata insurance policy with the other owners.

These policies are mainly designed to cover the common areas of a property for damage, destruction, and liability cover for personal injuries.

One of the issues we have encountered with many of our commercial strata policy clients is that they are often not fully protected by taking advantage of optional policy extras.

What Is Commercial Strata Insurance?

Commercial strata insurance is a type of policy that is designed to cover common areas of a property that are shared among multiple owners.

In a commercial setting, this is likely to include shopping centers and office buildings but may also cover mixed-use properties of commercial and residential units.

The important thing is that the property consists of multiple units with shared spaces such as lobbies, driveways, footpaths, stairs, and even lifts.

These areas are jointly owned by the members of the owners’ corporation and therefore are the legal liability of those members should there be an accident, damage, or an injury.

Commercial strata insurance policies commonly extend to the following protections:

– Building and common area contents

– Emergency and temporary protection

– Legal liability

– Temporary accommodation, rent, and storage

– Removal and storage of insured property due to damage

– Architects’ and professional fees

– Emergency and temporary protection costs

– Government fees, contributions or imposts

– Legal fees

Not all of these are automatically included in policies but rather offered as policy extensions.

If you have any concerns about your current strata building insurance, then talk to one of our property insurance representatives at Aspire Insurance on 1300 886781.

We will advise you on any risks you may still be exposed to in order to fully protect your financial interests.

What Risks Does It Cover?

Some of the common mistakes we see around commercial strata insurance come from confusion about what is and is not covered by standard commercial property insurance.

Many of our clients ended up in situations where the shared property was underinsured, resulting in all members of the owners’ corporation being exposed to significant risks.

In our experience, the most common risks that owners overlook include these three areas.

1 – Machinery Breakdown

This is an optional cover on most policies, but it’s also a type of cover that could end up saving you a fortune. It’s designed to cover electrical and electronic machinery that forms part of the shared areas.

Examples of these might be pool pumps, air conditioning units in foyers, as well as lifts and escalators.

We have encountered several situations where the lift in an office block breaks down due to a fuse box fire.

Without this type of policy extra, all the owners would have to split the costs of the repair, which could quickly run into the thousands of dollars.

2 – Flood Cover

On most policies, flood cover is an optional extra, and many owners mistakenly dismiss this as not required because they don’t own property close to rivers, lakes, or the ocean.

But you don’t have to be in a known flood area to be at risk from flood damage.

There have been countless situations where severe storms have caused large volumes of water to cause flooding, as well as storm drains and canals to overflow.

Such situations can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to commercial buildings, and common areas of shared ownership would not be covered under your standard property insurance policy.

This is not a risk worth taking.

3 – Office Bearers Liability

This optional cover is designed to protect the office bearers of the Body Corporate from legal liability due to wrongful acts while carrying out their duties.

Not only is it important to add office bearer protection to your policy, but you’ll need to make sure that the sum insured is adequate for the type and size of the property in question.

Many of our clients are surprised by the risks they could be exposed to through inadequate policy wording.

Make sure you don’t leave yourself exposed to unnecessary financial risks and ask one of our insurance representatives for a complimentary policy review and a no-obligation quote.

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