Caravan and Trailer Insurance – Protect Your Property And Avoid Common Policy Mistakes

Providing adequate insurance cover for caravans, mobile homes, camper vans, and trailers is significantly different from your regular motor vehicle insurance. The risks are very different, and when it comes to calculating the insured amounts, you have to pay very careful attention.

While there are some online calculators available for caravan and trailer insurance, you can easily end up with less than adequate protection from financial losses in a claim situation.

In order to get the best possible policy for your individual needs, it’s important to fully understand the different types of cover on offer, and how you can get the best possible advice.

What Does Caravan and Trailer Insurance Cover?

Caravan and trailer insurance policies are designed in very unique ways, ultimately depending on the type of vehicle or trailer.

Here are a few examples where very specific policies are available.

1 – Caravan

These are some of the most popular trailers, but many people don’t provide adequate cover to protect the value of their caravan. Whether damage happens through an accident, malicious intent, or a natural disaster, you can quickly be seriously out of pocket.

2 – Motorhome

Motorhomes require policies that are a lot more like your regular car insurance as they are a self-contained home on wheels. However, you will also need protection from loss or damage to the additional contents that would not be commonly part of a car insurance policy.

3– Relocatable Home

While these are not as mobile as your standard caravan, it’s not uncommon to need to tow a relocatable home. Because of the larger size and value of these homes, there are very different levels of risk involved.

5 – Horse Float

Some of the modern and more advanced horse floats can be significant investments for owners, and in most cases, your motor insurance policy will not cover these trailers. To avoid financial losses due to theft or accidental damage, you should always consider having a suitable policy in place.

What Risks Could You Be Exposed To?

It is important to fully understand the most common risks you are exposed to in order to choose a policy that provides the protection from financial losses.

1 – Accident

As your caravan or trailer can spend a significant amount of time on the road, there is always the risk of it becoming damaged due to an accident. Whether the damage is your fault, or due to someone else who may not report it, accidents like these can cause very large repair or replacement bills.

2 – Storm, Hail, Flood Damage

Unfortunately, mobile trailers are not as protected from the forces of nature, and in severe storms or flood situations, you can end up with a significant amount of damage. It is vital that you have full flood cover in place, so you don’t end up out of pocket for unique water damage situations.

3 – Fire And Theft

Unfortunately, malicious damage and theft of all types of trailers is a common risk factor that you have to accept as an owner of such a trailer. However, that doesn’t mean you have to accept the risk of financial losses, as long as your property is valued and insured correctly.

If you have any concerns about your current policy, then your best option is to speak with our team of  insurance representatives.

Why Dealing With Aspire Insurance Is Your Best Option

Expert Advice With 24/7 Support

As underinsurance and inadequate risk cover are so common when it comes to caravan and trailer insurance, it’s always best to get an expert opinion on how to best protect your assets.

At Aspire Insurance Solutions, our team has gained expertise that has allowed us to tailor insurance policies for countless clients. And when it does come to the unfortunate event of a claim, we have a 24/7 support service that will take most of the hassle out of the process.

Custom Solutions

As there are so many different types of trailers, caravans, and motorhomes, it is important to ensure that your policy is carefully structured in a way that protects you from all eventualities.

And because of this diversity in different trailers, we always make sure that the policies you consider are specifically designed to cover your assets.

Annual Policy And Premium Review

This is possibly one of the most time-consuming processes you can face on an annual basis. As soon as your renewal quote comes out, you need to assess whether there are better deals, new products, and more innovative solutions.

While online calculators can give you an idea when it comes to available premium quotes, these are very difficult to decipher in the details of the cover they provide.

Unless you have a detailed understanding of how policy wording can impact the actual cover you receive, you could be taking unnecessary chances in choosing the best possible cover.

At Aspire Insurance Solutions, we fully review the value of your trailer on an annual basis and then find the most suitable and best policy premiums for your individual needs.

Face To Face Advice

Unlike the standard online comparison sites, we take the approach of meeting all of our clients in person or over the phone. This is the best way to ensure we fully understand all of your personal circumstances and the details of your caravan or trailer.

By carefully analysing the policy wording of all the leading Australian insurers, we’re then able to find the products that suit your needs and reduce your risks. Only when we’re satisfied that you’re happy with the choice of products, do we make a recommendation for a policy.

This personal process takes all the guesswork out of it for you, and you have the peace of mind that you’re fully protected.

Contact Us Today

Pick up the phone today and speak to one of our insurance representatives on 1300 886 781. You can receive free advice along with a complimentary no-obligation quote that will allow you to make a much more informed decision.

Not only can this save you a load of time and hassle researching insurance policies yourself, but many of our clients are able to save money at the same time.