Home And Content Insurance

For the majority of people, their home, and the contents they keep safe inside that home are the most valuable assets they own. The prospect of losing the majority of your belongings is certainly not a risk worth taking.

But many people fail to adequately provide protection against financial losses. This can happen by taking out a policy that doesn’t include enough cover or by undervaluing your property.

Ultimately, these mistakes can leave you exposed to serious risks, which is why it is vital that you fully understand your personal needs.

What Is Home And Content Insurance?

Technically speaking, these are two separate types of insurance cover, and it is important to understand the differences even though they are often bundled into one policy.

Home Insurance

A home insurance policy will protect your home from accidental or criminal damage and theft. It is designed to pay out an amount up to a maximum value, which would cover a full rebuild in the event of a catastrophic incident like a fire.

But flood and storm damage can be equally devastating, and you have to be very careful that your policy provides maximum protection against all eventualities.

Having home insurance in place is particularly important when you have a mortgage, as you would still need to make mortgage repayments even if your home was destroyed.

Content Insurance

The cover for your contents is very similar to home insurance, but it specifically covers the contents as compared to the physical building. This includes everything in your home, from clothing to furniture and computers to jewellery and cash.

Whether damaged beyond repair through a storm or fire, or due to a burglary that resulted in the loss of valuables, a content policy will provide you protection against financial losses in such situations.

Typical Policy Benefits:
– Full accidental damage cover
– Cover for equipment breakdown
– Public liability
– Cover for jewelry and watches up to $10,000 at home and anywhere in Australia
– Flood cover
– Tax audit cover

What Risks Could You Be Exposed To?

One mistake many homeowners make is assuming that because they have been renewing their home and content policy, they are fully protected against damage, loss, or destruction.

However, with many of our new clients, we often find 2 very large risk factors that they could be exposed to.

1 – Underinsurance

Over the years, the value of your building and contents, along with the cost of rebuilding, can significantly rise. If you don’t regularly assess the cost of a rebuild and content replacement against current market values, you can end up in a situation where you are underinsured.

What this means is that in the event of an insurance claim, you could end up with a fraction of the amount you expected, leaving you exposed to crippling financial losses.

2 – Lack Of Full Flood Cover

In many of the online insurance quotes, full flood damage cover often has to be selected as an extra. It’s a way to make the basic quotes look a lot more competitive, but if you’re not careful with the exact wording of the policy, then you could be missing important insurance cover for storm and flood damage.

Because of these risk factors, it is important to get independent advice to help you fully assess your risk exposure. At Aspire Insurance Solutions, we offer comprehensive advice for free with many additional advantages.

Why Dealing With Aspire Insurance Is Your Best Option

Expert Advice With 24/7 Support

From the very first call you make to us, you’ll be dealing with an expert in the home and content insurance field. This will give you the confidence and peace of mind that your policy will have you fully covered if the worst case ever did happen to you.

And when you do have to deal with an insurance claim, our team of claims specialists will assist you through the entire process so that you can focus more time on replacing lost or damaged property.

This takes a lot of the hassle out of the process to not make the situation more stressful than it already might be.

Tailored Solutions

The first thing we do with all of our clients is to make a full assessment of their property and content to ensure that they buy a policy that will give the best possible cover.

This involves carefully choosing the insurance policy that provides you the best protection at the right price.

Annual Cover And Premium Review

It’s very easy to just go for a renewal quote that you are sent by your policy provider, but this leaves you exposed to becoming underinsured or overpaying for inadequate cover.

At each policy renewal, we will fully assess your needs and how they may have changed throughout the year. Based on this assessment, we also check if there are better and more competitive quotes available to provide more protection at a better price.

This removes all the hassle of shopping around and studying the quotes you receive in detail.

Face To Face Advice

While so many things can be conveniently bought online these days, you have to be careful when it comes to insurance. As mentioned above, some small mistakes in the valuations and wording of a policy can end up costing you dearly.

That’s why at Aspire Insurance Solutions, we focus on providing a personalised, face-to-face service. This helps us better tailor a solution, and you get the added peace of mind that you end up with the right insurance cover.

Contact Us Today

Pick up the phone right now 1300 886 781 and speak with one of our dedicated insurance representatives for a complimentary assessment of your needs and a completely free quote.

Our commitment to quality services and reliable advice has resulted in long-standing relationships with all of our clients. It doesn’t get more risk-free than not having to pay for a service, so make sure you don’t waste your valuable time on something that we can take care of.