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We have a dedicated team of specialists who can assist you on a wide range of personal and commercial insurance products. Our unique approach has simplified the process of putting you in a knowledgeable position to take control of your insurance requirements regardless of your situation. Our quality advice is timely, professional and easy to access.

Our culture is based on core values of integrity, respect, commitment and teamwork. We understand that little things count for so much.

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  1. We work for YOU, the client, making sure you get the best service and advice when it comes to choosing the right product for your business
  2. If its Business Or Personal Insurance you need, we have go you covered! Making sure you get “Quality Advice and Quality Service” so you are protected the right way!
  3. No Short Cuts! We take the time to review your individual situation so you receive a tailored insurance programme suitable for your circumstance.
  4. Save Time & Money, we are here to make sure you get the very best deal without sacrificing a quality product – Explaining the policy in easy terms and making sure you know how it will respond to you at the time of a claim
  5. Claims Service when you need it most. We endeavour to make sure your claims is managed fast and efficiently, this is one of the values of using a broker so it takes the headache out of what can be an already testing time during a loss. We are there every step of the way

“Why Use A Broker To Minimize The Impact Of A Hard Insurance Market”

The insurance market can at times, be a tough nut to crack, especially when it fluctuates from a soft insurance market to a hard one. When the hard market drops, we see insurers tighten underwriting criteria, coverages become more difficult to secure, premiums aren’t as easy to negotiate on and coverage when it isn’t expensive, can become completely unavailable.

Preparation is the key to success, and while you can prepare yourself for some rate increases in the next few years, it’s often better to take a more proactive approach.

The following three steps will help you minimize the impact of those stringent insurance rating criteria.

“Understanding The Importance Of An Insurance Broker”

Following advice will only get you so far if you don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Insurance brokers during a hard market will become your saving grace. Their role is to fight your battles and continuously source competitive services to suit your needs.

In a hard market, it can feel like an insurer is attempting to block your every step with their stringent standards, so having an insurance broker that understands the changes and is prepared to seek out the best result for your business, can ensure your policy will be tailored to your needs and remove the burden from your own shoulders.

This not only makes the process smoother but allows you to focus on your business and do the job you know how to do best, saving you time and frustration.

“Developing A Good relationship With Your Insurance Broker”

Teamwork makes the dream work and a great relationship with your insurance broker will only result in the best outcomes for your business. An insurance broker can only work to the best of their ability if they understand what you want and are hoping to achieve. If either you or your broker aren’t on the same page, it might be best to try another book.

Make sure that your insurance broker understands the impact of the hard market on your business and that they understand your actual business, the industry and its potential risks. A hard insurance market brings new clients to brokers, so take advantage of the competitive arena and make sure your broker has proven their capability to you, above all the rest.

With the right broker and a trustworthy partnership, you will be guaranteed to receive the best price, coverage and policy to secure your business’ future.