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Specialised Sheet Metal Manufacturing Insurance

Running a sheet metal manufacturing business is a difficult enough task without having to worry about the financial risks associated to accidents and injuries. But these are only some of the risks you’re exposed to, with many more being very unique when compared to other manufacturing operations.

The biggest mistake you could be making is taking out a standard manufacturer insurance policy assuming that it will have all the risks covered. This could leave you wide open to significant losses if you encounter a claim situation that is not covered by your policy wording.

To make sure that you are indeed fully covered, and that your premium is as competitive as it can be, make sure you speak with one of our commercial insurance representatives today. Just dial 1300 886 781 or use the contact form on this page.

Unique Risks In The Sheet Metal Industry

As already mentioned the sheet metal industry has some very unique risks that are not common in the majority of other manufacturing companies. As a result you have to make sure that your policy provides adequate protection.

Here are just some of the unique risks you’re exposed to.

Fire Hazards

The most obvious risk of fire in a metal workshop is from materials and gases used in welding processes. Along with solvents and different oils and paints, there is a substantial risk for fire.

Product Liability

While the very nature of the sheet metal products, materials and uses will vary a lot, there is a significant financial risk of the metals failing as a component of a product further down the production chain.

Quality Advice You Can Trust

Because of the very unique risks you’re exposed to, you have to make sure that you get professional advice, rather than just trusting an online product that may actually be missing some very crucial policy wording.

At Aspire Insurance Solutions we have dedicated commercial insurance representatives with extensive experience who understand your business and industry.

All this experience and advice is available to you completely free of charge and we have access to high range of insurers in the market.

Face To Face Service

The only way you can really gain the peace of mind that you’re covering all financial risks is by dealing directly with an experienced insurance representative.

At Aspire Insurance Solutions we have tailored our service to focus on fully understanding your business and operational processes. This helps us pick out policies that are best suited and include add-on cover to fully protect you.

Expert Claims Handling With 24/7 Support

When you do end up in a situation where you have to take advantage of your insurance policy, then the last thing you want to do is go through endless phone calls to gather up all the information needed to process the claim.

Your time is far better invested in making sure your business suffers the least possible disruption. And that’s why we offer all clients 24/7 claims support services. This takes care of the claim process from start to finish.

As a result you will have a faster turnaround time with claims results in your account as soon as possible.

Annual Cover Review

Annual insurance renewals are generally sent out giving you enough time to review them. However, you would have to invest time and effort to then shop around to see if there are newer or better products available, or simply to get a better quote.

When you take out your policy with Aspire’s team, then you will automatically take advantage of a full annual review of your cover. We have access to the latest insurance products allowing us to find the best solutions for your business needs.

If you want to have your existing policy reviewed, just pick up the phone and talk to one of our insurance representatives on 1300 886 781. Or use the contact form on this page to arrange for a face to face appointment.

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