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Panel Beater Insurance Policies

If you’re self-employed or a business owner in the panel beater industry, then you face some very unique financial risks. These risks are very different to the majority of other industries and can leave you exposed to serious financial losses.

Operating in this industry requires insurance policies that go beyond the basic building and machinery as well as liability cover. It’s vital that you’re very careful to not just pick a generic business insurance policy as this will likely not have the policy wording you require.

With the help of Aspire Insurance Solutions you gain a far better understanding of what types of risks you need to protect. With extensive experience our commercial insurance representatives can provide you all the information necessary to gain some well-deserved peace of mind.

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Unique Risks In The Panel Beater Industry

In order to get set up with the best possible panel beater protection from financial losses, you have to first fully understand the types of risks you can be exposed to. Over the years we have worked with many different size businesses.

This has also given us a load of experience with many different types of claims. The following are some examples of the risks you are exposed to that could end up crippling your business.

Hazardous Materials

If you think of some of the equipment you have around your workshop this will likely include welding gear as well as solvents, paints and other specialised chemicals. These are vital to running your business, but they can cause serious harm if misused or wrongly applied.

As a result you could find yourself in a situation where customer property is damaged or worse, you or one of your employees becomes exposed to these materials in a way that causes serious injury.

Heavy Machinery

Panel beating requires the use of some very heavy machinery. While you might have excellent training and health and safety precautions in place, accidents can still happen and result in very bad injuries.

These types of situations can leave you exposed to large financial claims to replace damaged property or cover costly medical and recovery bills in the event of an injury.

Quality Advice You Can Trust

When you need protection from very unique risks, then you have to be confident that the advice you receive is accurate and results in the best possible cover. Because of our team’s experience working with countless clients like you, we have gained some very unique insights.

We have set up many insurance policies and helped our clients deal with claims situations to make sure that their financial risks are protected. And you can take full advantage of that experience to gain some peace of mind.

Face To Face Service

How confident are you that all aspects of your business are truly covered? That’s why we operate on the basis of in person consultations so that we can fully understand and assess your risks.

This is the best way that you can make sure your policy cover suits your risk exposure.

Your entire assessment and application process will be handled by one person who understands both the products available and more importantly your personal circumstances.

Expert Claims Handling With 24/7 Support

Even when you face processing a relatively small claim, you have to be prepared for investing some time and effort in order to get to the stage of an actual payment. At a time when you could be facing business interruptions, this can be quite a distraction.

That’s why your service with Aspire Insurance Solutions includes 24/7 claims support

With extensive experience dealing with the unique processes of different insurance companies, we can make sure you receive payments as quickly as possible

Annual Cover Review

As with any other insurance product your panel beater insurance policy will have to be renewed every year. Many people simply take the renewal quote they receive and stick with it.

But this is a very inefficient way to deal with your insurance needs. To make sure that you always have the best product and cover with competitive prices in the market, we automatically review your options at renewal.

To take advantage of these excellent service options and receive completely free advice on your policy needs, just pick up the phone and talk to one of our insurance representatives on 1300 886 781.

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