Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional advice for businesses & individuals who give professional advice.

Protect yourself and your business against allegations of misconduct or wrongdoing.


Increasingly, more and more businesses hand out advice and put their name against important documents or reports. Make sure you have the right protection with Professional Indemnity insurance tailored for your industry.

Breach of Duty

The backbone of all PI policies, including fiduciary duty

Breach of Privacy or Confidentiality

Australian Privacy laws are increasingly complex & hugely important

Defamation, Libel & Slander

One of the most common & frequent types of lawsuit

Claim Investigation Costs

Have your insurer foot the bill for the legal fees when investigating a claim

Court Appearance Costs

Cover for the onerous cost of litigation and court proceedings


Protection against dishonest and/or fradulent employees that can damage your business

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What is Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance?

In short, PI protects against financial implications following allegations of incorrect advice, whether substantiated or not.

In a country where many of us are chasing the opportunity to earn a living from utilising an education or skill, consumers will inevitably seek to take legal action if they feel they have been wronged or suffered an unfair loss.

The main costs associated with most PI claims are in defending the insured party and investigating whether the claim is a valid one, or whether it is simply an unfair attempt to receive damages.

Some of the obvious industries that require PI insurance are medical, financial service, legal, real estate, and all forms of white-collar business. However, many other industries provide advice and information that their clients rely on every day, for example, a mechanic who performs roadworthy certificates.

It can be surprising to many people how quickly they can be faced with a serious financial burden because of a simple mistake, or a serious claim. These can also have serious implications on your reputation, which is why every business owner should seek advice on having the right protections in place.

How does Professional Indemnity relate to Public & Products Liability?

Some industries and specific businesses will only require Public & Products Liability and not Professional Indemnity. For example, a restaurant.

However, it’s very common that an individual or a business will require some combination of both. For example, a solicitor will require Professional Indemnity for their legal advice, but will also require Public Liability because of the clients that come in and out of the practice.

Regardless of your particular profession or industry, our experienced Advisers will talk to you about the best way to structure your insurances so that your bases are covered, and find you a program that suits your exposures.

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