Insurance for Mechanics & Motor Trades


If you run a business in the motor trade industry, from a sole trader mobile mechanic to a large smash repairer, you are faced with very unique and critical exposures. Unlike some other types of companies, basic equipment and liability insurance is simply not enough.

When you are entrusted with the responsibility of working with vehicles, the potential ramifications of mistakes can be disastrous. At Aspire Insurance Solutions, we have specialised commercial insurance representatives with expertise in the motor trade industry.


Unique Risks in the Motor Trade Industry


The reason the motor mechanical industry requires highly specialised insurance policies is because of the very unique risks you can be exposed to. Over many years of dealing with businesses of all sizes, we have encountered countless claims situations. Here are a few that could cripple a business if they are not insured against under your policy:

Customer Vehicle Damage & Driving Risk

No matter how careful you or your staff are, accidents will happen. If this results in damage to a customer’s vehicle, the responsibility & liability falls with you.

This could happen if a tool slips or some mechanical liquids spill into the interior. Or, you might be taking a repaired vehicle for a test drive once you’ve finished a job. Did you know that you’re typically not covered to drive your customers’ vehicles unless your policy specifically addresses this?

Roadworthy & Safety Certificates

Did you know that general liability coverage does not extend to issuing roadworthy & safety certificates? This is typically an additional level of cover that is included on top of public & products liability and is a very specific type of professional indemnity cover.

We have come across too many policies where mechanic workshops issuing these certificates are at risk of massive financial exposure from possible claims resulting from their advice & guarantee that a vehicle has passed the relevant standard.


Quality Advice You Can Trust


Even within the motor trade industry, there are subtle differences in the cover needed by varying types of businesses. For example, insurance for mobile mechanics and auto-electricians will need to cover equipment kept in a vehicle, including expensive diagnostic & scan tools.

At Aspire Insurance Solutions, we have the experience to fully understand your business and industry, ensuring you get the right advice to protect your financial interests.