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Mechanics Insurance & Motor Trade

If you run a motor trade or mechanics business or you’re just a self-employed mechanic as a one man business then you will have very unique insurance needs. Unlike many other companies around you, it’s not enough to have some basic equipment and liability insurance.

When you are entrusted with other people’s property and your staff are potentially exposed to significant health risks, then you have to make sure that you have a mechanics insurance policy that protects all financial risks.

At Aspire Insurance Solutions we have specialised commercial insurance representatives with expertise in the motor trade industry. If you want to take advantage of this expertise through free advice then contact us today on 1300 886 781, or use the contact form on this page.

Unique Risks In The Mechanics Industry

The reason the motor mechanical industry requires highly specialised insurance policies is because of the very unique risks you can be exposed to. Over many years of dealing with businesses of all sizes, we have encountered countless claims situations.

Here are a few that could cripple a business if they are not specifically and fully protected by your policy.

Customer Vehicle Damage

No matter how careful you or your staff are, sometimes accidents happen or machinery fails. If this results in significant damage to your customer’s car, then you will be on the hook for rectifying that problem.

This can commonly happen when some heavy equipment slips and falls on the car or some mechanical liquids spill on the interior. Or, you might be taking a repaired vehicle for a test drive once you’ve finished a job.

Accidental Injuries

A mechanics workshop is full of heavy machinery and power tools. The unfortunate reality is that no matter how well your health and safety precautions are, sometimes accidents will happen.

Whether it’s due to physical failure or accidental damage, such injuries can be very serious and expose you to compensation claims that could ruin your business.

At Aspire Insurance Solutions we have dealt with both large motor businesses and sole traders for many years. And this has allowed us to create a highly tailored service.

Quality Advice You Can Trust

Even within the motor trade industry there can be subtle differences in cover needed. For example, mobile mechanic insurance will need to cover things like equipment outside the workshop and even towing a customer or test driving a customer car.

At Aspire Insurance Solutions we have the experience to fully understand your business and industry and make sure you get the best advice to fully protect your financial interests.

Face To Face Service

Getting the best possible insurance policy and financial protection is not something you should take light hearted. There are many products available online, but unless you’re an expert on policy wording you could end up not being fully covered.

That’s why our service is tailored around face to face contact which allows us to get all the details of your business and you gain from a full explanation of what cover is best and which products will provide them.

Expert Claims Handling With 24/7 Support

Setting up an insurance claim is a time consuming and often stressful situation. You’re possibly facing large financial bills and want to make sure you keep your business running smoothly.

These are not times to spend on the phone to figure out what you need to submit in order to process your claims. That’s why we offer all clients 24/7 claims support.

Annual Cover Review

Just like other financial industries, there are constantly new products emerging in the insurance world. These often adapt to changes in the motor industry as well as bringing innovative new ways to maximise your cover.

When it comes to your insurance renewal we do a full review to identify better products and premiums out there in the market for you.

To take advantage of all these services, just speak to one of our commercial insurance representatives on 1300 886 781 or use the contact form on this page.

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