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Commercial Motor Insurance

Protect the vehicles that keep your business running.

Your business vehicles are your livelihood.


Our products can cover everything from sedans to semi-trailers, and everything in between. Talk to us about the differences in types of cover and optional extras so that you know what to expect.

Comprehensive Insurance

Protect your vehicles from accidents, theft, & weather

Legal Liability

Cover your drivers against damage to other persons & property

Optional Covers

Customise your coverage with optional extras & features

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Why is the right Commercial Motor Insurance important?

For many self-employed tradespeople and business owners, vehicles are one of the most critical assets in their business. Whether you’re simply visiting clients and job sites, or carrying important tools, machinery, equipment, and stock.

Loss of, or damage to commercial vehicles can have a serious impact on the livelihood of many businesses & individuals. Before you consider taking out the cheapest vehicle insurance products, take a moment to consider what you need to protect.

Insurance for smaller vehicles & trucks is generally structured into 3 types of cover:

1 – Comprehensive: Designed to protect you from financial losses resulting from loss or damage to your own vehicle, as well as third parties.

2 – Third Party: Only covers the damage caused to the property of others in an accident where you are deemed to be at fault, and provides no cover for your vehicle.

3 – Third Party, Fire, and Theft: In addition to covering third party damage, this covers your own vehicle against theft and fire, but does not cover your vehicle in an accident where you are deemed to be at fault.

What types of vehicles can be covered?

Here are some typical types of vehicles that we commonly provide quotes for:

  • Sedans, Wagons, Vans & 4WD’s
  • Light & Heavy Commercial Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Forklifts
  • Excavators & Other Machinery

Tell us about your vehicle and find out what cover is available.

What optional covers should be considered?

Many business owners only account for insurance cover that is similar to their private motor policy. However, there are a surprising number of available covers not automatically included in most commercial policies that are affordable and offer excellent extensions to coverage.

Although larger vehicles and specialty vehicles have options for coverage that is specific to their role, most smaller vehicles have the following optional extras:

Windscreen Cover

The most common type of claim associated with any motor vehicle results from damage to windscreens. The more you’re on the road, the more likely you’ll encounter a cracked or damaged windscreen. With the right policy choice, you can make sure that your windscreen excess is minimal or waived, which can be extremely beneficial considering the replacement cost of modern windscreens.

Hire Car Cover

This is a common optional extra that you shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re involved in an accident, your business vehicle might be off the road for days or even weeks. Choosing the right policy could end up saving you a fortune in car rental costs to ensure you can still do your job.

No Claim Bonus Protection

Most of us are aware that insurance is cheaper when we’ve had no recent accidents. But when an accident happens, insurance premiums can increase sharply when the no claim bonus is reduced or reset. You can choose to keep your no claim bonus after one or more at-fault claims and avoid unexpected price increases.

How can Aspire Insurance help your business?

We understand that your business is your focus, and arranging insurance can be a difficult task. Our Advisers are insurance representatives who are authorised to give you personal advice tailored to your situation by accessing multiple products from multiple insurers.

Our service to you continues long after your policy is created. We offer annual policy reviews to ensure your coverage reflects the changing nature of your business, and process changes as you need them in a timely manner.

In addition to this, we manage any claims that arise on your behalf, meaning that you deal with us and not directly with the insurer. We represent you and our goal is to assist you in getting the best possible outcome if a claim occurs.

Be Insured.

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