Insurance for Cafés


In the food and catering industry, the number of cafés and coffee shops continues to grow rapidly. These businesses have gained popularity, especially for daytime trade, as they provide convenient and affordable ways for the public to access great quality coffee and delicious food.

With more and more people venturing to coffee shops, there is an ever-present risk that your business will encounter situations that expose you to financial risks. The unfortunate reality is that those risks are very real and more common than you might think. If your insurance cover is not set up specifically to protect you from various claims scenarios, then you could be facing crippling losses.

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Common Claim Scenarios


Over the years, we have helped many cafés tailor their insurance policies to deal with potential claims. These scenarios can cause anything from minor inconveniences and business disruptions to irrecoverable loss & bankruptcy.

Injury to the Public

A common situation is where liquids may have spilled and gone unnoticed by you & your staff. If one of your customers slips and injures themselves, you could be facing serious legal costs, and even damages in the form of medical bills if you are found to be liable.

Product Contamination

No matter how careful you are with your food preparation and storage, contaminated food is a very real and potentially dangerous situation. Even if this is out of your control and results from one of your suppliers, it still leaves your business exposed as the retailer of the product.

Equipment Breakdown

Many cafés & restaurants are heavily reliant on specialist equipment for cooking and cleaning. If these become faulty or break down, then you could be facing serious business disruptions and lost revenue, as well as the costs to repair or replace the machinery.

This commonly happens with large cold rooms or fridges and often results in large quantities of stock being spoiled. We can offer you options that not only cover your cold rooms and fridges, but also the valuable stock inside that your business relies upon to generate income.


Quality Advice You Can Trust


If you’re wondering what kind of insurance you need for a new venture, or you’d like a review of the coverage under your existing policy, then you have to be able to trust the advice you receive.

At Aspire Insurance Solutions, we have a dedicated team that has extensive experience in commercial products in the hospitality sector and personally handled many claims in the past to ensure our clients have the best possible outcome with as few headaches as possible.