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Car & Other Vehicle Insurance

Protect your vehicles with market-leading products,
for peace of mind both on and off the road.

Comprehensive cover for your vehicles, and claims management for you.


Quality insurance can be the difference between a smooth process or a lengthy, difficult battle. We utilise market-leading products to ensure the best possible coverage and do the heavy lifting for you in the event of any claim.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Don’t be left vulnerable with out-of-pocket costs following an accident or theft

Caravan & Camper Insurance

Cover your recreational vehicles with security & confidence

Trailer Insurance

Add cover for trailers onto your vehicle policy

Windscreen Excess Waiver

Optional excess-free windscreen claims on certain products

Rental Vehicle Option

Optional on certain policies while your vehicle is repaired or replaced

Claims Management

We deal with the insurer on your behalf, from start to finish

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What does each level of vehicle cover actually mean?

Many people incorrectly think that the Compulsory Third Party insurance included with their state registration covers damage to other vehicles, when in fact this is not the case. CTP insurance is designed only to cover injury to any person and not the vehicle they’re in.

Here is a helpful summary that explains the different levels of cover for most on-road vehicles, from highest to lowest:

Comprehensive cover provides protection from all the risks you’d commonly expect when owning & driving a vehicle. It covers both the damage to your vehicle and any damage to another vehicle that you are liable for, as well as other events like fire & theft.

Fire, Theft & Third-Party cover is a mid-range product that does not cover any damage to your own vehicle in the event of an accident that you are liable for. Even for an inexpensive vehicle, not having comprehensive insurance is extremely risky and leaves you exposed.

Compulsory Third-Party (CTP) cover is a requirement under every Australian State & Territory and is generally packaged together with vehicle registration costs. Operating a vehicle with only this cover in place is even riskier since it does not cover any damage to your vehicle or any damage to other property. It exists purely to cover any injury to other persons that you may be responsible for.

What are the benefits of having Aspire Insurance manage your vehicle policies?

Our service to all our clients includes the management of any insurance claims from start to finish. We advocate for you and ensure your claim is handled effectively and efficiently, advising you at every step of the way.

Most families have more than one vehicle, and keeping track of multiple insurance policies across homes and businesses is difficult enough. We manage all your policies and allow you a single point of contact, regardless of whether your insurer is different across multiple policies.

Be Insured.

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